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Welcome to the Ruth Tuffnell Blog. Read my journal as I journey from novice to (hopefully) published author. Also find loads of useful information about building an author platform.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Planning for Writers and Author Platform

Why It’s Ok to Change Your Plan

April 12, 2021

Today’s post is a slight deviation from the normal content I post, but it is a topic that is on my mind at the moment and one that is important to discuss. I have touched on it briefly before in posts such as Planning for 2021: Goal Setting for Writing and Business but it is …

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social media expertise

Social Media Expertise – Where, What and How to Be

April 5, 2021

Social media can be a bit of a minefield and building a social media following from scratch can be of an overwhelming and daunting prospect. In this post we’ll look as some basic social media expertise with the aim to prove to you that you don’t have to be the wittiest, or have the most …

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lead magnet ideas authors

Lead Magnet Ideas for Authors

March 29, 2021

Following on from last week’s blog post on email list building, I am going to suggest some lead magnet ideas for authors. This post was inspired by Emily Judds on Instagram (@emilyjuddswrites) who commented on my Instagram post saying that she doesn’t know “what to send to people”. In my post “Should I Have a …

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Read My Journal

My journal is where I blog straight from the heart about my writing journey. I started with relatively nothing and the journal details the planning and setting up of my author platform before I start journalling about my actual writing process. You can dive into it from the latest post, or you can go back to the beginning and read it like a story. Each post is tagged with the main theme of the day's post, so you can read only the posts that relate to a particular topic if that appeals.

Soul Searching

April 12, 2021

Day 275: April 9, 2021 It is with a slightly heavy heart that I write today’s update but I know it is one that I must write. In all honesty, I have struggled to update the journal over the last few days. Not because of time as such but simply I have done nothing particularly …

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Not So Constructive Today

April 11, 2021

Day 271: April 5, 2021 I started the morning early by catching up on journal posts as I seem to be very behind. Sometimes I am bang on with these posts and update them often during the day. And some days I am useless and just don’t do them at all and then have to …

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Reading, Blogging and Purchasing

April 10, 2021

Day 270: April 4, 2021 Although it’s Easter, we don’t really celebrate it and I still planned on getting all my usual bookish Sunday things done. I have to keep telling myself that this is the last Sunday I will have free to spend the whole day doing these tasks as I’ll be back to …

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Notes on the Journal

July 30, 2020

The Birth of this Journal This daily journal is my own personal story of how I started as a novice writer, with no author platform and worked to create an online presence for my writing. The …

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General Blog - Book Reviews and Monthly Writing Updates

Book Reviews: March 2021

April 7, 2021

Please Note: All “Buy on Bookshop” buttons go to bookshop.org which is “an online bookshop with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.” Those button links are affiliate links and I receive a small commission from any purchase you make through those links (at no cost to you). Each month, I publish a “What …

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Writing Update: Mid March 2021

March 14, 2021

At the end of last month’s update, I assured you that I’d keep you up to date with another update this month. Well here it is, but there is very little to update you on. I have had a month that has been tough, life is hard and I am struggling. I am swimming against …

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A Taste of Home by Heidi Swain

March 10, 2021

In a break from my “normal” blog schedule, I am today posting a standalone book review of Heidi Swain’s upcoming novel A Taste of Home. I am absolutely honoured to have been able to read a pre-release copy of Heidi’s newest book as I love the feel-good books that Heidi writes. Here is the blurb …

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Why All the Trees?

Trees are a very recurrent theme across the site - you won't find many pages that don't have any trees on them somewhere! So, why the trees? Well, if you read my journal you'll know that I was originally going to have a very different theme across the site but, totally by accident, I fell in love with the tree symbol that I use as my 'logo'. This then inspired a whole new theme, that of the trees.

I felt that trees represent so many different things - new life, growth, wisdom, power, prosperity and grounding. Falling autumn leaves also symbolise letting go and starting anew with the buds and blossom that comes before the fruit. The age rings inside the trunk also represent the layers of time showing how we develop as time passes. All these things are things that this site is to represent.

You can read more about why I chose a tree theme - and how to get a piece of your writing published on my website - on my blog by clicking the button below.

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“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”


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