A Cake Day and Wasting Time with Images (Again)

Day 213: February 6, 2021

So it’s a cake day in the house today.

It’s a bit odd with it being a Saturday as my younger two are normally with their dad today but birthday girl decided to go there for a bit and then come home to spend the afternoon at home. We had the usual morning of presents and card opening (and a balloon “fight”).

Otherwise it was a usual Saturday of shopping for us and parents as well as doing some jobs for them which they are no longer able to do (changing lightbulbs, changing beds etc.). After a quick lunch, we went out for a drive, which I don’t think we’re technically allowed to do in lockdown but will admit we chanced it. We did need to go to a shop for essential supplies for my daughter’s art business, we just went a slightly longer route to get there. Not the usual birthday day out but better than being stuck in the house all day.

Oh I bought a few books in the supermarket this morning! I’d seen one I quite fancied earlier in the week so I bought that today along with two others I liked the covers of. I don’t often read the backs, I just like the look of the cover and the author and just go with it. Not sure when they’ll get read but they will do some time.

I settled at the laptop in the afternoon for a bit but didn’t really have a plan as to what I was going to do. I sorted out today’s social media which I’d not done earlier and I started today’s journal post before I forgot everything.

I spent quite some time on the writing prompt for next Saturday. I first perused my camera roll for what seemed like hours carefully adding all the images I had of doors and windows into a separate album for use for the prompts for the next few weeks. Then I drafted the post which included cropping the image into a square and then searching for an appropriate quote. That took much longer than normal as I really wanted to find something about castle doors but failed miserably. In the end I found a quote that I thought would fit nicely about castles and particularly Tintagel. Gave me some great ideas for a story anyway so hopefully it will inspire others too.

I managed to get just over 350 words written in the evening but otherwise I spent time with the birthday girl and doing the nightly shared reading with my youngest. I am hoping to get more done tomorrow as well as a blog post.

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