A Foolish Day?

Day 267: April 1, 2021

It’s April Fool’s Day but here it was much like any other day. It was the children’s last day at school before the Easter break (anyone else feel like they’ve literally only just gone back anyway?).

I started the day with a visit to my chiropractor, which is always a much needed visit. I have had issues for many years and, at one point, was doing lots better and could go longer between visits but after a car accident in 2019, my body suffers a lot more.

Most of the rest of the day was spent working as usual although my newsletter did send out – it’s always a surprise to me when it drops into my inbox, followed quickly by mild panic. As I set it up and schedule it in advance I forget about it until it arrives and then wonder whether I should have added something or checked something, so I tend not to look at it in case I’ve made a mistake.

Nothing of any bookish excitement happened today. I will therefore close here until tomorrow.

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