A Look Back at the Last 100 Days

Day 200: January 24, 2021

It’s day two hundred, which seems to have come around surprisingly quickly. It’s also Sunday, so it’s a day of book and website work. It is also snowing quite heavily, which is not my favourite thing.

Let’s deal with Day 200 first before the rest of the day. Day 200 marks the end of my self-set challenge to write 100 words a day for 100 days. How did I get on? Well the simple answer is I failed. Failed by a long way to write every day for 100 days. Out of the 100 days, I believe I actually wrote on just 52 of them.

100 words a day for 100 days would mean having 10,000 words in the book at the end of the challenge. I have not included in the challenge the 1443 words I’d written on scraps of paper before day 100 and which I aded to Scrivener on day one/one hundred. Therefore, the challenge was to have at least 11,443 by the end. On the morning of day 200, the total word count stands at 31,253. Taking away that 1443 starting total, means in the 100 days I’ve written 29,810 words – almost 3 times the amount I planned.

In the first 50 days I wrote 14,480 (an average of 289 words per day), and in the second 50 days I wrote 15,300 (an average of 306 words per day). 

The grand total however means that in fact I wrote 29,810 words in just 52 days, which averages 573 words per actual writing day.

I have therefore failed yet succeeded.

I have failed to write every day for 100 days but I have succeed in adding almost 3x the target word count to the overall total.

Question now is … do I set myself a new challenge? Will think on that.

I’ve got this week’s journal posts loaded, though I am now almost up to date with real time and what goes online. I therefore can’t miss many more days or I’ll be journaling live!

I also got next Saturday’s prompt post drafted and scheduled. It took me a long time this week to find an image that worked and a quote to go with it. I definitely wasted too much time doing that. Anyway, it finally got done and uploaded.

I drafted some notes for the planning post and then settled down to write that properly. My assistant is doing all the images for me, so we had a bit of a chat about what images are suitable etc. Up until now, I have sourced the images and she has played with Canva but now she’s sourcing as well. Will keep giving her a little more to do.

All the posts for the week are all ready and scheduled now which is a lovely feeling. I will be having some time off now to relax and I need to reboot the laptop but maybe later I might look at doing some writing. We shall see.

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