A Morning Walk, Laying Out and Major Progress!

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Day 101: October 17, 2020

I started this morning with a early(ish) morning walk along the lane near where I live. I’d got up and was sat drinking my morning cup of tea when I looked out of the window and realised what a glorious autumn morning it was. I decided to quickly get dressed and head off up the lane to get some fresh air. I am so glad I did. Just to be out in the still and the quiet on my own, not to be rushed and just to take in the scenery was a lovely way to start the day.

I did then sit and read for a while (“Drugs to Forget: Race Against Bioterror“) with a second cup of tea and a bowl of porridge but then I cracked on with things that needed to be done (shopping, visiting etc.) so I could have the rest of the day to myself.

I spent some time laying out the book in [AFF] Scrivener and am enjoying using the tool so think it will be the way to go for the book (despite the cost). As yet, I’ve not written any more of the book today but having the basic layout in Scrivener now and seeing what I need to do is really helpful and I am hoping to get some book written later. For now though, the hoover is calling …

Later …

Can I just say … I’ve written over 1200 words today! I am so pleased. I know some of it is drivel and needs a lot of fine tuning but getting some words down on paper is just a marvellous feeling!

I am LOVING [AFF] Scrivener! The ability to add notes to a section without impacting the word count is brilliant, so I can keep notes in one place (and in a sensible place in the story). Therefore there is no fear of losing them/forgetting where they slotted in. I have also used the character profiling section to add notes about the main character and the only other character I’ve added so far. I’ve also used the place setting profile feature too so I can keep track of everything. I have also hand drawn a map of the village my character will be living in so I can remember what’s where.

It’s fab! Can you tell I’m overjoyed to have finally started properly writing?!

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