A Quiet Day – But at Least it’s Warm

Day 184: January 8, 2021

A busy day ahead with both the heating engineer and the tumble drier repair man due to arrive at the same time! Fortunately they missed each other by minutes. It wasn’t too long before we had a functioning tumble drier and after slightly longer tinkering, a working boiler. It took a while to reheat the house but it’s so nice to be warm again!

I took an extended lunch break as I thought I’d read a chapter of [AFF] “Keep Her Close whilst eating my lunch but got to engrossed and read to the end! I had to work into the evening to make up my hours but it was worth it. I really enjoyed that read.

I still got no writing done. I even had a moment’s panic that perhaps I wasn’t doing the right thing and I should jack in both the book and the blogging but think that’s just a reflex reaction to feeling cold and tired. Will see what tomorrow brings…

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