A Quiet Easter Saturday

Day 269: April 3, 2021

Today was a typical Saturday though slightly quester than normal.

I took my Mum our for a walk which was really nice as it gave us time to talk some things over. She’s so much better than she was a few months ago and is up to walking decent distances now but she still doesn’t have the confidence to go out alone but is really near to giving it a go.

I then ended up doing a fair bit of running round after one of my girls. And then I ended up in Tesco and decided to take a look at their book selection. There was one book I was trying to track down and found it on their shelves, so decided to get that. However, they were all on a 2 for £9 deal, so I absolutely had to choose a second one didn’t I? In fact, I let my daughter choose my second one and I have no idea about the author or the book, so will see how i get on with that.

Not much else happened today, and certainly nothing bookish I’m afraid.

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