A Seed Has Been Planted

Day Two: July 10, 2020

Early morning on day 2 – slept on it. Not feeling quite so motivated and enthusiastic this morning. That’s not a good start is it? Let’s hope it comes back to me during today … more later (maybe).

Later …

Ok, it’s evening now and the day has flown by in a bit of a blur, but I have found the resurrection of the writing idea on my mind several times. Oddly, I’ve been looking forward to writing this and thinking of things I could be saying here. That wasn’t really the plan yesterday, this was to be more of a journal and resource to keep me focussed and motivated but maybe it will work as writing practice too.

I’ve done no actual “work” on the book idea, not rushed out to buy a new notepad and snazzy stationery etc. Or written a plot plan, or a schedule for writing etc. – I think I need to ease myself in gently!

I have however, started reading a book – that’s not really a revelation or unexpected plot twist – but it’s a nonfiction book about writing a book – reading about writing, that confuses my tiny mind enough as it is! But I digress. I’ve started to read “Write, Publish, Promote Your Novel with Amy and Ellie,”1 which I stumbled on purely by chance on Apple Books.

I’ve only read the first chapter so far but it’s already given me a couple of things to think about and I have a few ideas rolling around in my head. I’m hoping that the book will at least give me a starting point.

I’ll let you know how that goes – watch this space!

1 ‘Write, Publish, Promote Your Novel with Amy & Ellie. A Blueprint to Bring You from Blank Page to Finished Book and Beyond’ by Amy Sparling and Ellie Hall, Published by Ellie Hall, 2019

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