An Itty-Bitty Day

Day 204: January 28, 2021

Today seems to have been an itty-bitty day. I thought I’d started early but after sorting my own invoicing out, helping my daughter make butter icing (just after 7:30am) and then having to go out for other daughter’s medical appointment, it was 10:30am before I started working.

I ploughed on with work but had to stop mid afternoon for an online parents “evening” – they’re so much better online, so much less waiting around! Hope they stick to those in future although I did have some tech issues with one of the teachers, which spoilt it a little.

The day ended up totally getting away with me and it was gone 9pm before I even thought about writing any words. And then when I sat down to write, I realised I’d not posted on Pinterest or Facebook today, so I got those two things sorted first.

I feel really tired but I am determined to add some words, even if it’s just 100 …Well, I did 300 quick words. And though it’s not much I feel I can tick off “I’ve written today” from the to do list and there’s been progress. I am going to have a cuppa and a read and relax now before heading to bed.

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