Being an Idiot, the Importance of Checking, and Huddling

Day Forty One: August 18, 2020

Oh it’s a good job I check things first thing in the morning!

My euphoria from last night clearly went to my head as I’d managed to only draft today’s journal post rather than schedule it (insert various emojis for doing idiotic things). Luckily I check straight after the time scheduled posts should (being the operative word) publish, so I was quick to see it hadn’t published and could rectify my error.

I wrote another paragraph of the book today … again about rain (slightly recurring theme)!

It’s been a busy day, so not had much time to work on the book or the project. I have joined the Writers’ Huddle** by Ali Luke of Aliventures – I’ve been getting her emails for years and file them away neatly but really think I need to read more about the writing advice she posts. I’m hoping that being in a forum of writers will help me expand the writing side. I’ve got as far as posting an introduction post in the forum and having a nose at everyone else’s.

I’ve scheduled tomorrow’s post and pins so that’s out of the way nice and early. Oh and I’ve read more of Claire Marchant’sThe Secrets of Saffron Hall” which I am enjoying – I will feature it on a Book Review Post at some time in the future.

I also updated the Privacy Policy on my website as I realised I’d pretty much just put up the standard draft one and not given it a lot of thought. I therefore read through it properly and added in a few bits of extra information, so I know I’m covered in that regard.

**Since this post was published, Ali has now closed the Writers’ Huddle but does have a Facebook group for anyone who has ever bought products or coaching from her.

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