Being Big and Brave

Day 258: March 23, 2021

I started the morning by noting down some ideas for next week’s blog post and catching up on my journal posts.

I was a big brave girl and went to the dentist for a check up which wasn’t as bad as I feared, though I still need to fork out for some essential maintenance. Bravely made the next appointment! I am so bad at dentists.

Otherwise it was a very quiet day for bookish things (in other words I did nothing). I am still feeling pretty tired, which is starting to get me down. Nowhere near as exhausted as I felt last week but I am definitely flagging and not quite back to being myself.

In the evening I did do a bit more research for the blog post for next week. I’ve jotted down quite a lot of ideas so I will be ready to get that written when I get chance (no doubt next Sunday!).

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