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Day Fifty Seven: September 3, 2020

For reasons best known only to myself, I woke up this morning thinking about the opt in for the blog! As you may have read, I added an opt in for the blog to the sidebar on Tuesday but I woke up thinking that I should maybe have also added an after-post opt in.

So I set about creating that in OptinMonster as my theme does not have an after-post widget. I had a few issues with the template I’d selected (I only wanted plain and simple) as it seemed to want to do odd things with padding between sections, but I got there in the end. That is now in place on the website to make it easy for visitors to subscribe.

In doing that, I noticed that the “post comment” button at the end of blog posts was in a totally different blue to my brand blue so that’s another thing to add to the to-do list to change! (This did get done later in the day you might be pleased to learn).

I tried very hard to keep to doing the Writers’ Huddle** 15 minute writing challenge and to do my 15 minutes writing this morning. Ridiculously, I ended up having to break it into two parts but I did just about get 15 minutes of scribbled writing done. I hadn’t really worked out the full book plan so didn’t really have a proper place to start. In the end, I picked out writing the description of one of the main characters which will appear when the two main characters meet. And I also wrote part of a chapter that I know will be included but is a little tricky to write so I made a start knowing I can flesh it out later. It’s good to get words down on paper even if the structure and flow isn’t there yet.

I also decided it was about time I sent out the first edition of my newsletter even though I don’t have that many subscribers at the moment. I realised it’s daft waiting until I have ‘x’ number as those people who signed up before I reach that quota will feel neglected. So I have decided that the first Thursday of the month is a decent day to send out a newsletter and is a schedule I can stick to. I have therefore drafted, tested, tweaked and scheduled my first newsletter to send out later today. Eek!

If you’re not yet signed up to receive my newsletter, you can do that by clicking here.

**Since this post was published, Ali has now closed the Writers’ Huddle but does have a Facebook group for anyone who has ever bought products or coaching from her.

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