Blog Writing, Legal Updates and Ticking off a Challenge

Day Seventy: September 16, 2020

I made it! I got up early, got myself organised and was at my desk with plenty time to sit and write the blog post I needed to get done.

I’d mapped the post out last night, so I can tick off last week’s Writer’s Huddle** challenge of spending five minutes outlining something before writing it! It was therefore quite easy to write it as I had a structure in place. It did end up being longer than I’d originally envisaged so did take me more time but it was still published on time.

I posted the blog to Twitter and Facebook but have left my new assistant to do the Instagram post – a bit later than is normal as she had to await the arrival of her new phone, which didn’t come until early afternoon. She’s already had me tweak the image for today’s Instagram post and I totally agree with her suggestions! I’m hoping that with her help I can get more engagement and traffic to the website.

I spent some time in the evening looking over my Disclaimer and Privacy Policy etc. I did some researching and think I need to tweak a few things. Got lots of reading some and pulled together a bit of a draft but will look in more detail tomorrow.

**Since this post was published, Ali has now closed the Writers’ Huddle but does have a Facebook group for anyone who has ever bought products or coaching from her.

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