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Day 214: February 7, 2021

As regular readers will know, Sunday is always website day but having changed tactics lately, I felt I had a lot less to do today, which in a way was really nice.

The morning seemed to disappear without me doing any book work at all but I did catch up on some much needed housework.

In the afternoon, I settled to write tomorrow’s planning post. I will admit that I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to blog about this week, which really isn’t a good thing, but I did finally make a decision and get started. I have plenty of ideas but I don’t have a firm plan as to what I am going to write about when. Now I have got the journal and prompts down a bit, I need to get better at planning what and when I will write about. I think then I will have much more freedom to write the actual book.

I suddenly realised that I had totally forgotten to look at the site statistics and analytics on the first of the month. I therefore had a good look at those and filled in my spreadsheet to keep a record of everything. I also ran the usual monthly broken link checker which this month did return a couple of broken links from one of my posts. Unfortunately I’d linked to an author’s website and blog but he has now stopped blogging and removed his posts from his site. I therefore updated my blog post to remove those links.

Those tasks obviously took time out of the afternoon that had been planning to use for other things but I am glad I got those jobs done before I’d left it any later. I really can’t believe I forgot! Oops.

In the evening I did get some writing done and I completed another chapter, writing a total of 1024 words. It is likely that I will need to combine some chapters and mix things up a bit but at the moment I am writing in defined chunks so I know what’s what. At the edit stage I can work out what I’ve got and how it can fit together, but at the moment I know I can easily move chapters around if I want to without needing to do large amounts of hacking.

I’ve also started reading [AFF] “The Family Gift” today and although I am only a few chapters in, I am enjoying it already so looking forward to finding time to read more. I’ve had a few days where I’ve not read anything so it’s nice to get back into reading.

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