Bonfire Night in Lockdown 2.0

Day 120: November 5, 2020

Welcome to Bonfire Night and Lockdown 2.0 …

I slept in a bit this morning after such a terrible night the night before so didn’t get any early morning writing done. I did do a little bit more reading of “Good Husband Material” before school run.

I then had a much-needed appointment with the chiropractor and a bit of a walk in the autumnal sunshine to start the day. After that though it seemed to go downhill …

Had literally just walked back in the house to get started on my “real” work when I got a text from school to say that they’d had two reported positive Covid cases and my son was needing to isolate and could I collect him ASAP! So that’s another two weeks of home schooling – I feel so sorry for the current year 11 kids.

Didn’t get any writing done during the day – to be honest I ended up not doing an awful lot of anything which really wasn’t good!

I spent the evening finishing “Good Husband Material” and then felt guilty I’d not written anything again so I sat on the bed and hand wrote a chunk. I then typed that up in Scrivener before bed. It turned out that I’d managed to scrawl 700 words, so that’s a result for today!

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