Bookish Sunday and Words on Paper

Day 242: March 7, 2021

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Sunday is always a busy bookish day as it still remains to be website day. The new cricket season is edging ever closer, which means this lovely routine I have settled into will no longer work. I am therefore going to have to rethink my strategy and planning.

I started off by getting the review of [AFF] The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time written for both Goodreads and my monthly review post. It was a bit of a strange one and I found it difficult to articulate how I felt about the book. It took me a little longer to write that than it would normally have done as I stumbled over it a little.

I got a couple of days of journal posts uploaded and scheduled, so am back to being up to date with those.

I then wrote the prompt post for Saturday. These always seem to take me much longer than they should. I have a selection of images in a folder, so it’s just a case of deciding which one to use and finding a quote to go with it. Sometimes that takes me ages.

I moved on to write the planning post for tomorrow which is all about Pinterest. I could get that done quite quickly as I’d planned it out and knew what I wanted to say. It was just a case of getting the words down on the page. Once I’d drafted it, I left it for an hour or so and then came back to it to re-read with fresh eyes, made some tweaks, adding the image and finalised the optimisation. That’s therefore sorted and scheduled.

The final task was to write the social media captions for the week, which I got done without too much bother too. I think I am actually quite prepared for the week ahead. 

During the afternoon my books arrived – the ones I ordered on Friday (which weren’t due to arrive until Tuesday! So glad I didn’t pay extra for quicker delivery). I have had a quick flick through both and they do look good and full of lots of useful information.

I managed to do some writing this evening! Yay! I only wrote 400 words but it got the last chapter I’d been working on finished. I am so pleased to have written something and moved myself on a bit. I am really hoping that the new routine will mean I can get more done.

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