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Day 235: February 28, 2021

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In a reversal of yesterday, I spent almost all day sat at my laptop working. Unfortunately however, I didn’t actually write a single word towards the book. I did get an awful lot of other stuff done though.

My first job was to trawl back through my old posts to work out exactly what I’d said I would write in future posts to make sure I’d covered everything I’d mentioned. There were several I had totally forgotten about so now I have a running list, which will also give me content posts for a while. That was a good job done in more ways than one.

I then spent time writing the review of [AFF] A Taste of Home as I decided to do it as a standalone book review given that it was a pre publication book and this way I could give it a bit more exposure across social media, now and when it is published. I used the middle portion of my post, which was the main review, to post to NetGalley and to Goodreads too. I’d also had an exchange of tweets with Heidi herself about the use of images in the post and she sent me one of the book cover and of herself that I could use.

I then did a bit more research for tomorrow’s planning post and then I sat and wrote that. I optimised it, added the image and then got it scheduled. I really do need to be more ahead of the game with those posts, but at the moment, my system is working. I just know that at some point something will happen and I will be unable to get a post done and it will be missed. I don’t want to do that if I can avoid it.

I then spent some time sorting out the book review post for Wednesday. I do the reviews as I go along so the post content was fine. However, the code I had previously been using for the link to [AFF] Bookshop in button format seemed to no longer work properly on the page so I had to change all the links to text links instead. I also had to go back and change the links on the last review post, which was in a way fortunate as I discovered one had broken so I was able to fix that too. I do need to do older review posts as well, and that has been added to my to do list. Once I’d added the images to the review post, I could schedule that and cross that one off the to do list.

My next task was to write my social media captions for the week. I write them all as if they’re for Instagram and then I can send them all to my assistant to post there. As I post each day to other social media channels, I can tweak the text so it fits the platform but at least I have the basics in place. That’s always a job well done.

I remembered that my newsletter needs to go out this week so I popped into [AFF] MailerLite to get that set up. However, once I opened the tool, I realised that I’d never got round to changing the header on my automated emails so I did that job first. It’s important to be consistent across the brand and I’d totally forgotten the welcome emails that are sent when someone subscribes to the blog or my newsletter or signs up to get my freebie. I therefore made sure to do all of those.

It was a busy day and I didn’t end up doing any writing but I was glad to get lots of other jobs and tasks done.

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