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Rebranding your Author Platform

Rebranding Your Author Platform

Your author platform is your shop window to the world and therefore, should showcase who you are and why people should be interested in what you write and/or sell. Your platform should reflect your personality and draw people in. All too often, people set up their author platforms and then just leave it, simply adding …

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legal pages on your author platform

Legal Pages on Your Author Platform

Legal pages on your author platform are an essential element of your website. They are required to protect both you, and the visitors to your website. If you think about it, you wouldn’t just give your personal details and/or credit card information to a random person on the street, so why would you do it …

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website and blog maintenance

Website and Blog Maintenance

It’s great to get your author platform up and running but it is not a “set it and leave it” service. Regular website and blog maintenance is essential in keeping your author platform working well for you. Just like your car, it needs regular checks and servicing. Some of these tasks need to be done …

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