Chopping, Changing and Messing About

Day 162: December 17, 2020

Today was a busy one and I totally forgot to check the journal post until I was about to head out the door on the school run. I was so relieved to see it had posted fine and I didn’t need to worry about it.

I did have some time to spend on the book and I realised yesterday evening that I needed to add in a section of time in the middle of one of the chapters I’d written but couldn’t face sorting it all out last night. I therefore copied the chapter, cut the end from the first one and the start from the second one so they are no longer one long chapter.

I started messing about with the first bit so it made sense that the second bit would no longer follow on but would come later and wrote a bit more of that new ending to the chapter. It will need a really good edit to make sure I’ve caught everything but I’ve noted that this is the chapter I’ve done that with and will pick up any continuity errors in the edit stage.

I didn’t get a lot else done other than that as the day was just busy and pretty rubbish. In the end I took another night off, spending some time with my youngest two children, reading with one and watching TV with the other. I did read a little bit more of [AFF] “A Surprise Christmas Wedding” but in the end, had an early night.

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