Day 100 – An Update, a Personal Pledge and New Software

Day 100: October 16, 2020

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Well here we are on day 100 and what have I achieved?

Hmm well, not very much on the word count for the novel that’s for sure.

However, I am pleased with how the blog is doing and I am still greatly enjoying doing that. The traffic to it is still low but Pinterest stats are improving and I need to up my social media game but it is all doing ok – not massively successful but not a flop either.

I am feeling extremely sleepy today after another itching session during the night. I was stupid enough to think I’d take one more antibiotic tablet but sure enough that definitely seems to be the cause of the issue. I had to take another antihistamine in the wee small hours and lie there trying not to scratch the unbearable itches until the antihistamine worked. Had a call with the GP today too and everyone is in agreement it’s a reaction to the penicillin so definitely not taking any more of those.

As it is Day 100 and I am no further on with the book I am making a personal pledge to myself from this day and for the next 100 days I will write at least 100 words for the book. That means in 100 days time I should have at least 10,000 words written. It isn’t a huge amount but would be a good start! It’s slightly annoying that I can easily sit here and bash out a few paragraphs about my day (I’m at about 275 words at this point for today) but I can’t write anything at all towards the book! Madness.

So today, I need to find some time to sit and make a start – I will check in again later and let you know if I did!

Later …

Ok, so I’ve made progress. I’ve downloaded the trial of [AFF] Scrivener, had a read of the basic guide and set up a project. I decided on trying that as it means the book can be in a totally separate place and I’ll be less likely to be distracted by other things (she hopes). One thing that Scrivener does that Ulysses doesn’t (or I can’t find that it does) is that it gives you an overall word count as well as a count for one subpage of a document. It also has a ton of other features, which I should probably look at and use but will see how I get on with the trial.

I have also typed in the scribbles I’d jotted down in my notebook. Disappointingly, I actually only have about 1,500 words so far (I really thought I’d written a little bit more than that) but at least I have a start.

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