Don’t Make My Mistake Using Scrivener

Day 163: December 18, 2020

Last day of school today. Even though it’s Christmas, I’m kind of hoping that not having to do school runs gives me a bit more time to get organised and writing. We shall see how that goes.

It’s a good job I check the publishing of posts as today’s “missed schedule” again. So annoying but as I was at laptop at the right time, it was only a moment or two late. I ran a couple of site updates and also posted a couple of things to Pinterest. Pinterest has changed it’s sizing, so I also went through all my Pinterest [AFF] Canva templates and changed them to the right size (the ratio was the same but they needed to be larger).

While I was in Canva, I also created Pins for today and got those scheduled to publish. My traffic from Pinterest is still quite low and the stats are poor, but it’s the main source of traffic so I need to keep at it.

I had an idea for an eBook yesterday, so I am going to try and put some more thought into that over the Christmas period and perhaps launch it in January. Potentially as a freebie to start with, with a view to selling it for a small sum at a later date. We shall see.

The other thing I discovered today was that my chopping and changing of the book in [AFF] Scrivener wasn’t a good idea – well it was, but the way I went about it wasn’t. Basically, as I copied and then chopped out half from one chapter and half from the other, Scrivener counted it as adding x number of words and then deleting two chunks of x words. That’s totally screwed over my word count history. Scrivener thinks I am currently on a negative word count for December, which is rubbish especially as it’s not the case. Next time I do that, I need to cut and paste rather than duplicate and delete. Lesson learned there. #TopTip – don’t do what I did! Learn from my error.

I did get about 500 words written today and another chapter finished off. I’m not in quite as good a place as I was last week, so am not quite as motivated with the story. I’m hoping a bit of a relax will help get me back on track.

I did also get tomorrow’s writing prompt post done as I realise that, although I’d chosen an image, I’d not got the post prepped and scheduled last weekend along with everything else.

I spent the evening finishing reading [AFF] “A Surprise Christmas Wedding” which was an enjoyable way to spend my time and relax.

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