Writing Prompts: Doorway to the Light

I love this doorway image. The bright sunshine is a complete contrast to the cool dark of the stone interior. This image was taken at Godolphin NT on a lovely summer’s day.

“Have you ever peeked through a secret keyhole and witnessed your own great light, hidden away behind locked doors?

Did you know that you hold the keys in your hand right now to open up and reveal that treasure?”

Jacob Nordby

What story comes to your mind from this image? Has your character been inside the cold dark room for a long time and is now invited outside by the light? Why have they been trapped inside and how are they feeling to walk outside into the light? Or have them come in from the light and the door is about to be closed on then? How does that make them feel? Or use the image as a more metaphorical doorway to the light, is someone walking the passage to the light? Are they drawn to it or do they want to turn back?

Tell me your story the comments – I might feature some on my blog!

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