Early Writing and then a Day Down the Drain

Day 121: November 6, 2020

These darker mornings do not motivate me to get out of bed and get cracking early! However, I did sit down at the laptop and wrote a section that joined up what I wrote last night with what I’d written previously. As I’d hand written yesterday’s section, I couldn’t remember where I’d left off so I just started in a convenient place knowing I could link it later. And that’s what I’ve done today. I didn’t write loads but it filled the gap and got me well over the quota of 100 words for the day (142 to be precise) and hopefully I can do some more later too.

The rest of the day pretty much went down the drain. I was not meant to be on “parent duty” today but dropped in as usual to drop off ironing and ended up doing the morning routine as usual anyway. By the time I got home it was gone 11 o’clock and I’d done zero work. Other things then just went wrong and the day just went out of the window.

I did start reading a new book (“The Other People” by C J Tudor) which I wasn’t sure would be my cup of tea but I am absolutely hooked! However, I ended up not doing any more writing so I’m glad I at least managed my quota first thing.

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