Excitement! And a Wobble

Day Nine: July 17, 2020

Today I made big progress on the actual book plan!!!!

Yep! I went and bought some index cards to start notes. I’ve not opened the packet yet but, you know, all in good time. Can’t rush these things!!

I’ve not done much else today other than recreating the PDF of the plan into an A4 document as I discovered what I’d originally made was an odd shape and would look silly when printed out! I enjoy doing things like that though, even when silly niggly things test your patience! It’s done now though and I think it looks good, just hope it’s useful for someone else. I’ll get someone else to read it over and check for errors before I finalise it and link everything together on the website.

I am having a bit of a wobble this evening as I’m worrying my excitement about the actual book project is waning! I’ve loved getting everything together for the website and stuff but the most important bit, the book itself, suddenly feels like a very daunting task!

I’m hoping that once I finish everything else and can concentrate on just the book it’ll all be ok. If not then all of this will have been in vain and that is too much of a waste. Hopefully as tomorrow is another day I might feel differently and be more enthusiastic again – fingers crossed!

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