Feeling Groggy, Blogging, and Target Hit

Day 102: October 18, 2020

I didn’t have the best of nights.

Even though I thought I slept ok, I’ve woken up pretty groggy this morning. I got some work bits done as I drank my first cuppa and then posted today’s Journal post, slightly late but was close enough!

I did a bit of reading whilst I had my second cuppa and my breakfast (still on “Drugs to Forget” – the book I hasten to add, not my breakfast!) and contemplated doing some writing but thought I ought to do tomorrow’s blog first.

I therefore settled to write that and again spent too long on image searching! But I did do the post, optimise it for SEO and do the Pinterest and social media graphic all ready for tomorrow which is a good job done. It gives me the afternoon to do some writing and I am looking forward to doing so now I got into the swing of it yesterday.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading today as well as adding to the October book review post draft (I try to do reviews as I go along rather than leaving them all to the end of the month). I have also scheduled the Journal post for tomorrow.

The only thing I’ve not yet done is any more writing!

I had intended to do some writing in the evening but the children took over the front room where my desk is and I couldn’t concentrate on writing with the TV on and constant chatter. However, I did eventually manage to write a few words and did more than the 100 words minimum I’ve set myself, so despite it being an interrupted flow of words that make little sense, it is at least some writing that can be edited at a later date to make some sense.

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