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Day 265: March 30, 2021

I totally forgot to add to my journal last night that, following a post I saw on Instagram, I signed up to various publishers’ newsletters. It was already late in the evening when I did it, so I literally signed up to a few and then went to bed. Therefore, this morning I have spent some time going through their welcome emails and have discovered that I have received some money off coupons, a free full eBook version of a novel (I could pick from three and I chose a Heidi Swain that I can’t remember if I’ve read or not), and a PDF of recommended reads. How exciting!

That was the sum total of my bookishness for the day though. I’ve not written a single word this month and I can’t see me changing that tomorrow. I think I need to seriously consider another writing challenge to try and get some words on paper. It’s frustrating as I’m not stuck; I know where the story is going, I just haven’t the enthusiasm and motivation to actually write it. Not sure how that got sucked out of me or how to get it back.

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