How Do I Engage My Readers?

Author Platform: How Do I Engage My Readers?

Once you get visitors to your author platform, you want to keep them there to explore all of the great content you have to offer. You also want to inspire them to keep coming back regularly. Engagement is key to building relationships so you need to be asking yourself, “how do I engage my readers?”

There are many ways in which you can keep people coming back for more, and this post explores some suggestions that you might want to consider for your blog.

How Do I Engage My Readers?

  • Hold competitions or events that focus on reader engagement. For example, you could have a competition to name a character in your new book, or to choose the best cover for your new novel etc. These sorts of competitions won’t cost you anything financially but will get readers directly involved in your writing.
  • Ask readers to submit a situation, a time period and a problem (they can do this either via comments on the blog post or via your social media channels). You can then pick a suggestion at random and write a short story with their suggestion as your inspiration. You can develop this one further when you publish your writing on your platform by then asking other people to submit their own writings based on the same situation.
  • Feature a reader on your blog in an interview style post. You can find out what they like about your work, what books of yours they would recommend to others, whether you have inspired them either to write themselves or in some other way etc.
  • Get your readers to suggest a list of books they would recommend to others. This doesn’t have to be limited to your own novels but a wide range of authors and genres that your readership thinks that other readers may like. They could also choose classics that they think everyone should read. You could tie this into seasonal ideas such as “Top Books to Buy Your Loved One for Christmas,” or “Best Books for Reading on the Beach” etc.
  • Have your readers submit questions to you and do a Q&A blog post (or two). This gets them involved and also helps them get to know you better (tying back to the personal life blog posts I discussed in an earlier post, which you can read here).
  • Start a Pinterest board on a theme that ties in with your latest novel (either just published or you’re in the process of writing) and ask readers to pin their creative ideas to tie in with that theme. Share the best ideas on your blog.
  • Ask your readers for their top tips on how they fit reading or writing into their busy lives and share these in a Top Tips blog post. Or ask them where they prefer to read or write. Or their favourite songs to listen to when they read or write. The list is endless for possibilities here.
  • Share a photo of your writing space and talk about the essential or special things you have in that space that inspire you. Ask readers to submit their own photos of their favourite reading or writing space and talk about what makes it special. Share the most obscure, or inspiring, or pretty ones on your blog.

There’s an abundance of ideas for engaging readers and once you start thinking of them, you’ll be surprised at how many you can think of.

Have you asked yourself how you can engage readers on your platform? Have you tried any of the ideas suggested? Did they work for you? What else have you done to engage readers? Please share any other brilliant ideas that you have to keep readers coming back for more. Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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