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Author Platform: What Should I Blog About? – “How To” Posts

In the last post of the “What Should I Blog About? series, we take a look at the educational “how to” posts.

It has been said that everyone has one book in them, and many people have aspirations to one day write that book. Quite often, people become inspired and motivated to make a start after reading someone else’s novel. Having some useful. practical advice on your website will assist your readers who are in this mindset to start on their journey to release the novel within!

You don’t need to be going into great depth in “how to” posts, or providing a full course, but by giving advice and insights into how you write and the actual art of writing, you are giving your readers some value.

Having some educational posts on your site will help your readers who are aspiring writers by solving their questions and problems associated with their writing.

Milly Johnson has a section on her website entitled “Writing Tips” which are examples of “how to” posts. These posts are dedicated to helping other writers on their writing journey. Her tips range from ideas to help people get started, to advice on agents, to a humorous section on developing a thick skin! You can read her tips by clicking here.

Adele Parks shares her top ten writing tips in a post on her blog specifically because lots of her readers have asked her directly for tips on how to become a writer. She therefore chose to post these to help her readers. You can read her post by clicking here.

As a final example, Meg Waite Clayton has a category section on her blog dedicated to writing tips. She alternates educational “how to” posts between direct tips, sharing tips from other famous authors, and sharing quotes etc. You can view her writing tip category by clicking here.

Readers will keep coming back because they like the value of your help, the content you post, or simply the way you deliver it.

Next week, I will look at how you can engage your readers via your author platform.

Do you already share “how to” posts on your website? Do you enjoy passing on your knowledge and experience to others? Or do you keep your tips to yourself? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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