I Need to Sleep On It …

Day Fourteen: July 22, 2020

Two weeks already – where has time gone? I’m behind schedule on launching, but life suddenly went a bit crazy which is typical isn’t it? Feeling the overwhelm myself just at the moment and wondering if now is the right time to launch myself into this project. But I’m already deep into it and I know if I stop, I’ll regret it.

I’ve not had much free time to devote to the plan today but I’ve finished tidying the site and tweaked for mobile so the site structure is pretty much all in place now.

I’ve also spent too much time messing with the logo again! Rob had seen a website that make lovely logos and after lots of thought and going back to their site several times, I thought I’d at least fill in their questionnaire. As is typical of these logo companies, you find that the base price they reel you in with is not what you’d end up paying and this ended up out of my budget.

So, I set about playing around in [AFF] Canva again and came up with something I liked which got tweaked a lot but I’m still not totally sure it’s right.

I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel about it tomorrow.

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