Images, Pinterest Ads and a Night Off

Day 142: November 27, 2020

I spent the early part of the morning getting an image sorted for today’s journal post as Friday is always a fresh image but Adobe Stock didn’t want to play ball last night and was very slow loading pages so I gave up – not sure if that was the site’s fault, or my internet connection – more likely the latter. Anyway, I got that sorted before the post published at 8am, and then checked it published on time, which it did.

Completely off the cuff, I decided to promote one of my Pinterest pins – a video on for the winter book recommendation blog post. I’ve not really done ads before and certainly never on Pinterest. I guess I expected the pin to perform better as it’s a seasonal one and my autumn one had gained lots of organic attention. Anyway, nothing is doing well at the moment (which seems common amongst Pinterest users and which I’ve mentioned before) so I thought I’d try a quick promote of that one pin.

So, I clicked promote to see what would happen! I need to get my ad account set up and then adding the Pixel My Site plugin to the website as well as a Pinterest add on and getting it all connected. Pinterest does a fabulous step-by-step guide to hold your hand through all of that which was great. Today’s #TopTop is that it does help if you add your account number properly to the plugin as it makes it work so much better I found! Now I am slightly obsessed with checking stats, which is like watching a kettle boil – nothing changes! I only have a very tiny budget over a couple of days but I thought it was a good little experiment.

Later …

The pin has gone from zero impressions to 199, which isn’t masses but is 199 more than it had before. And it’s had one save. That doesn’t seem to have cost me anything so far though I’m sure that’s not the case and it just needs the stats to catch up.

In the meantime, I’ve scheduled tomorrow’s journal post and the writing prompt, which are good jobs out of the way. I really want to have a sit down and work out a better plan for the book and then I can get on with writing but I think I might take a night off from the laptop and do some reading tonight as I haven’t done as much of that as I would have liked either.

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