It’s a Good Friday to Be Lost

Day 268: April 2, 2021

It’s Good Friday today. The children are off school and life is slightly calmer but I still woke up early.

I was granted an unexpected day off today so I have done lots of relaxing with a book and rewatching Lost. Anyone else watched that? I watched the first two series religiously when they first aired and then was hit and miss with the remaining series. I did however see the end. I never really understood it all (though I am not sure you’re mean to) and have said for years that one day I’d watched it all from the start. Just recently I discovered it’s all on Disney+ that we subscribe to, so I decided to take the opportunity. I am trying not to binge watch but it does get addictive. I’m not far into it yet, so rewatching stuff that sort of makes sense. Let’s hope I can keep up with it.

I went on a lovely long walk with my eldest daughter over fields close to the house (following a public footpath of course) that, despite living here for 18 years, I’d never been across. We got some great content for Instagram, some fresh air and some exercise all at the same time.

We then did a bit of shopping and running around in the evening but little bookish stuff.

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