It’s Beginning to Get a Little Bit Real

Day Six: July 14, 2020

Late last night I started to have an in-depth discussion about the project with my best friend who is also my “boss” and also my business mentor and coach as he knows his stuff when it comes to this sort of thing. We haven’t deep dived into every step as yet – in fact we’ve barely scratched the surface but I went to bed last night feeling more confident that this might all come together for me.

While the book plan has yet to progress, I’ve made a start on the ‘other stuff’. We had a long discussion about domain names, which included whether I wanted to write under a pen name (we both decided that wasn’t the route for me. Why? Not sure I could 100% tell you, but I guess I need to feel this is something I’ve done, so I want my name to be on the cover).

After a brief discussion about why not to use my name (there are various ‘common’ ways to spell it) and dabbling into reasons for other options (using first name only and adding something like ‘writing’ or ‘words’ etc.) I decided that I just wanted my name despite the fact it could be misspelt.

Finally on the domain name front, we had a discussion about the domain extension (the .com, .net bit of the domain name for the uninitiated). I hadn’t even considered using anything other than but was persuaded that the .com address is always the ultimate, especially as there would be the potential for both the book and the blog to become a global sensation (ok so the word ‘sensation’ wasn’t actually used but, you know – dream big!). I considered again retaining my ‘Britishness’ and having the but decided I’d listen to advice and go with the .com.

So, this morning, the first job of the day was to secure the domain. I’m already the proud owner of two domain names – one being my current business (though that is a story itself), and the other being my daughter’s business domain – so I have an account with 123-reg, and therefore used that to purchase the new domain. I will not profess to be an expert on the acquisition of domain names but that’s the route I’ve gone, simply because I’ve done it before. You can buy domain names along with website hosting etc., or from other domain name companies, so I’d suggest you check out Mr Google, or ask someone in the business for advice if you’re not sure of the process.

Later …

After not doing much else plan wise, Rob and I had a discussion about email and I decided that, to start with, I’d go with a “hello@“ email address rather than a repetitive “ruth@“ so the domain was settled onto its hosting and an email created and it’s starting to feel a little more real…

Although I am not hiring him out as a best friend, I’d be a poor friend if I didn’t give his business a plug. I can honestly highly recommend him for all things tech and marketing, so if you’re looking for someone who has helped authors in the past and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to business and promotion, then please get in touch with Robert.

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