It’s Chilly Again and a Glitch

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Day 194: January 18, 2021

It was a very chilly start to the day with no heating although the boiler did randomly fire up at once point, so we had a little bit of heat for a while in the morning but then it went off again for the remainder of the day.

My journal and planning posts published without a hitch this morning although during a second glance through of the planning one, I spotted a few typos I’d missed yesterday so I got those fixed.

I then had an email to say my blog post digest email had failed to send which is annoying to say the least. I therefore went into [AFF] MailerLite and tweaked the scheduled send time and it sent that time without any issue. No idea what the gremlin was, just have a feeling it’s another one of those days.

I then shared the blog post to Pinterest and to Twitter but otherwise I don’t think I got a lot more done today. I had a busy work day, although fortunately not manic, which is always good. I like to be busy and not twiddling my thumbs but I don’t like to feel like I’m drowning.

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