Notes on the Journal

The Birth of this Journal

This daily journal is my own personal story of how I started as a novice writer, with no author platform and worked to create an online presence for my writing. The whole journal project was borne from this quote that I read while planning how to start writing and building an author platform:

Throughout this journey, we’ve observed something interesting. It’s often in hindsight that the road to success is clear. This is obvious, but you always hear, and on social media see, people’s wins. Very rarely do you witness their lives when they’re in the weeds — slogging through revisions, having a formatting glitch, or uploaded the wrong file”


So, this is a warts and all account of my journey from day one to day who knows what – partly to show that this journey and process isn’t all fun and a bed of roses (anyone else has Bon Jovi stuck in their head now? No? Just me then!) but also to stand as a journal of what works and what doesn’t for me – so I’m afraid it’s not a total selfless act.

The blog posts are not refined, honed and finely-tuned pieces of writing. They are un-drafted, raw ramblings from the head and heart.

My plan is to use tags in posts to highlight specific topics so it’s easier for readers (and probably me) to find posts that relate to the same topic. There are the four big topics – Planning, Writing, Publishing and Promoting – so every journal post will fit into one of those. And then lots of smaller topics, and posts specifically mentioning those will be tagged accordingly.

However, I write the posts as an ongoing daily journal which describes my journey through the writing process and it is my intention that those also form a story, so I hope some people will read along from the beginning to find out how things unravel from start to (hopeful) finish.

I will also make a note of all the resources that I use both in the posts where they’re referenced, and also on the separate resources page so you can find everything in one place.

If my journal inspires you, helps to teach you something, or you just want to drop me a line to say hi and give me a virtual hand-hold, please do so via the contact page, or my social media – the links to which you can find in the footer.

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