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Day 157: December 12, 2020

I had a very early morning start today and for one reason or another had done the weekly food shop by 8am. I totally forgot to check whether the journal post and writing prompt had published at 8am as they are meant to but fortunately they had.

I took advantage of some quiet time to finish [AFF] “The Christmas Invitation” which I thoroughly enjoyed. I now only have one more Christmas book to read before the big day, though there is another that I’d like to read but have yet to find in the shops (probably because so far I’ve only tried one supermarket but hope to try another today).

I forgot to add to yesterday’s journal that I spent some time having a whistle stop read through of what I’ve written so far. Not word for word by any means and not in any critique kind of way but I realised I needed to get a grip on the character list! It’s amazing how many ancillary characters you have in a book and I need to be sure not to duplicate names and also to ensure that I use the same name when referring to the same character.

I think I captured them all but it’s taught me that I need to keep a running list as I go along! So there’s a writing #TopTip for you – if you’re writing a novel, keep a list of these things. When you’re writing it, you think you’ll remember or that you won’t mention a bit part character again so it doesn’t matter, but it is so much easier to have a running list than have to go back through and check.

I didn’t get much writing done today, I managed only 780 words. Actually that’s a whole week’s worth of my challenge target of 100 words a day so it was in fact a decent enough day. I mustn’t be too hard on myself!

It was Strictly semi-final night so the evening was a rare TV night for me so I neither wrote nor read which is really unusual but sometimes it’s nice to have some time off.

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