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Lead Magnet Ideas for Authors

Following on from last week’s blog post on email list building, I am going to suggest some lead magnet ideas for authors. This post was inspired by Emily Judds on Instagram (@emilyjuddswrites) who commented on my Instagram post saying that she doesn’t know “what to send to people”. In my post “Should I Have a Newsletter?” I talked about the kind of things you can include in a regular newsletter, but today we’ll take a look at some ideas for freebies writers can use to hook people in and get them signed up to their email list.

What Type of Lead Magnet Can I Offer?

Firstly, don’t think that you have to give away printed material, you can offer far more than that. Have you considered …

  • video content?
  • audio content?
  • a webinar?
  • access to exclusive content?
  • a quiz?
  • a prize?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can only giveaway printed material such as an eBook, PDF or similar, there is whole range of content you could use as a freebie.

What Do I Need to Consider When Choosing What to Give Away?

People do like getting something for nothing, but that something has to be of use to them. People won’t be tempted to subscribe to your email list if the free gift hook is not in any way enticing to them. Above all else, it needs to be relevant to your niche.

As well as being relevant, your lead magnet should: –

  • meet a need that the potential subscriber has.
  • be useable immediately and easily. Don’t make your subscriber jump through hoops to get your freebie.
  • deliver what is promised. Don’t make the mistake of saying they’ll receive lots of stuff but they only get part of that.
  • be useable repeatedly. Give the something that can be used over and over to great maximum value.
  • make the subscriber feel as though they are getting a lot of value (even if they’re not).
  • reinforce your brand.

Think about what your readers might want as a free gift. What item of value can you give them to persuade them to join your list and to keep receiving your content. Brainstorm some ideas and work out what best helps them to solve a problem, or what writing of yours they would consider valuable to receive for free.

Lead Magnet Ideas for Authors

Here’s a list of ideas that you might consider as valuable and relevant for your audience. Hopefully you will find something on this list that you can use, or are inspired by something on this list to create something unique of your own.

  • a how to guide (how to plot a novel, how to carve time to write, how to edit your manuscript, how to approach an agent etc.)
  • a healthy habit blueprint (an infographic or easy to follow visual guide to forming a writing habit etc.)
  • a sleep or life plan
  • a marketing plan (how to market your book, how to market yourself, how to grow on social media).
  • a cheat sheet (body language, emotions, word instead of x etc.)
  • the first chapter of your forthcoming book
  • a short story
  • a list of resources or tools
  • a template (plot outline, social media calendar, blogging plan etc.)
  • a checklist (things to do before you start your first draft, things to do before you approach and agent etc.)
  • extras to your already published works (behind the scenes)
  • cut scenes from your works
  • a quiz based on your expertise or your book
  • a profile of the secret life of your main characters
  • a Q&A webinar (about you or your expert knowledge)
  • access to an exclusive Facebook group
  • access to a locked section of your website housing exclusive content
  • activities relating to your books (such as recipes, crafts, quizzes etc.). You could make these themed or seasonal.
  • character interviews
  • a serialised story
  • a video of you talking about your inspiration or journey to become an author.

I really hope there is something in this list that triggers an idea for you. There are certainly a wide range of options available to you.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Lead Magnets

A few quick tips on mistakes to avoid:

  • pay attention to the title – make sure it’s catchy and relevant.
  • proofread every word to make sure it’s factually correct and super professional – a freebie that is strewn with mistakes could do more harm than good.
  • make sure you don’t have too much text, but equally don’t leave it lacking either. A freebie needs to strike just the right balance – gives the reader plenty of value but leaves them wanting to come back for more.
  • specify the audience that it is aimed at so people are not disappointed in what the receive. Also have a clear call to action at the end of your freebie so subscribers know what you want from them.
  • don’t forget your follow up sequence. Always make sure you nurture your subscribers.

Let me know what you giveaway as the freebie on your author platform. Or tell me what ideas this list has triggered for you. Do you have further lead magnet ideas for authors that I’ve not mentioned? Let me know below and share your ideas and experiences with other writers and authors.

Photo Credit: Remy_Loz on Unsplash

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