Monday Morning Blues and Some Rehashing

Day 215: February 8, 2021

I needed to get off to an early start this morning as today’s planning post hadn’t yet got a featured image or attached pin. My assistant had assured me she’d get those done early this morning whilst getting up at 4am to watch the test match. Sure enough, everything was ready for me when I settled at my desk at 7:30.

I got the images uploaded to the post and had that scheduled in plenty of time to publish at 8am despite the website having a bit of a wobble and telling me it couldn’t work properly. I used the “close it down and open it up again” technique of making things work and sure enough, it was happy again then. Monday morning blues it would seem.

Images had also been prepared for Saturday’s prompt image and the quotes for this week so I was able to finish off the Saturday post and have that scheduled. I also then wrote captions for the whole week of Instagram posts, which is a job well done. What a great start to Monday!

The rest of the day was really just about work and being cold! We’ve not really been affected by the snow from the “Beast from the East” but it’s definitely chilly! I am glad the boiler didn’t choose this week to break down that’s for sure.

I got about 900 words written in the afternoon but I am having to rehash part of a chapter so it’s involved some cutting and pasting and changing things up so the word count is a little hazy. I’m pleased with how that part of the story is coming together though but I have much more to write to finish it off.

Later in the evening I managed to finish off my moving around of stuff and finished the day with two chapters completed but only adding 1186 words. I felt like I’d done a lot though and the story will flow better with the changes. Inching ever closer to the 40,000 mark, which is exciting.

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