Mother’s Day Misery

Day 249: March 14, 2021

It’s Mother’s Day today but to be honest, it feels just like any other normal Sunday.

I have tried to crack on with all the usual bookish things this morning but I am suffering from toothache. I rarely have ever had toothache despite having rubbish teeth but this is the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. I can’t really concentrate on anything but need to get blog posts sorted for the week.

I loaded up seven days worth of journal posts, which is basically all I have now as I am exactly a week behind live and what is published online. I therefore only have a couple of days left to play with or else I’m going to end up having to publish as I write.

I got tomorrow’s planning post written about what to do when you’re too stressed to write. That one was close to the heart this week as I am struggling to find time, energy and motivation to write just at the moment. I am hoping my new desk set up will help to change that, though I think I need to rid myself of the toothache first as that’s all consuming right now.

After doing the planning post, I also got Saturday’s prompt post written and scheduled. I managed to do that one in super fast time this week as I had a good idea of what image and quote I was going to use. I think I need to change the theme next week but we’ll see.

I didn’t get the captions written for the week as I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ll need to get those sorted tomorrow.

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