My Office Space

Let’s be honest … we all like a good nose at other people’s spaces don’t we? I’m no different!

I therefore thought I’d share with you my working space so you can see my natural habitat.

I am super lucky to have been gifted (by a friend) a super lovely desk that fits perfectly into the corner of my living room. Before I had that, I was working at the dining room table but that wasn’t doing my poor old back any good at all! Now I have a swanky little desk and my big comfy office chair so I can work in comfort. Desk is from Argos, cannot remember where chair was from though as it’s ancient and has just come out of storage from the attic!

I try to keep the desk space relatively clear but this changes dramatically sometimes when I’m working on a project! I’m showing you the space all nice and clear so it looks like I have a tidy desk and tidy mind! I do like to be tidy – my maths teacher when I was at secondary school always laughed at me as he could tell when I’d finished working on one mathematical problem and was moving to the next as I’d out everything back in my pencil case and then start again for the next question! I’ve always had a bit of mild OCD like that – lots of other examples in my life!

As for the rest of the bits and bobs on my desk – the purple lamp is very old and from Wilkinsons – not very bright but is nice to use when working in the evenings as the main light is too strong. The pen pot is actually a toothbrush holder (again from Wilkinsons)! I couldn’t find a nice pen pot that went with the grey/purple theme but saw that and it’s ideal in colour and size so thought no one would notice! The old tatty ruler you can see in it is a “Spot the Dog” one which was bought as a joke gift when I was about 14 and I’ve never parted with even though is old and scruffy! It’s one of those treasured possessions that’s worth literally nothing but has a host of memories attached to it.

The little fake plant in the grey pot and the cream and grey coaster is also from Wilkinsons. There’s almost always a cup of tea parked on the coaster and the mug with leaves on (which matches the site theme) is from The Range. I have no idea where the grey candle came from and I can only presume it was a birthday or Christmas gift. I am not really a user of candles though not sure why as I do like the look and smell of them. I think maybe it’s because my parents once managed to set fire to their dining room table by leaving a candle unattended once – no real damage done apart from scorch marks on the table but could’ve been a lot worse! Today’s #TopTip – never leave a burning candle unattended!

Finally on the desk, the purple pen is a Parker fountain pen (bought on the web) and the purple book is also from Wilkinsons (perhaps I ought to approach them for sponsorship haha). It says “good things take time” on the cover which I think is absolutely right, especially when it comes to writing. The book is a daily planner with a page for the day, a notes section and a to do list. I find it helpful to plan a week with blog posts, social media posts and writing plans and then try to keep to it! Here’s what the book looks like inside:

I intend to fill the wall space above my desk with schedules and plans for writing the book, along with images that will help me focus on that. The four that are there now were purchased from RedBubble and are, for me, iconic images of the parts of Cornwall that are special. On the shelves above (which are old) I have three paintings that were done by my eldest daughter (and you can check out her website here: I might hang the square one on the wall above the desk or ask her to paint me another one for there.

On the wall to the left of where I sit is my ‘important reminder board’ which has graphics for each of my ‘jobs’ (day job, project job, cricket job, and full time mum, ‘would-forget-my-head-if-it-wasn’t-screwed-on’ job)! I just blue tack little notes on for things I need to remember to do and then recycle them when I’ve done them (and yes I do tick them first!).

There’s also a wicker basket (again, very old) which has my stationery bits and bobs, headphones, phone charger and the like in. There’s also an owl tea-light holder than my eldest son bought me as a Christmas present one year as I like owls, and also a little leaf ornament that I have no clue where it came from but I’ve had it for years and years and now ironically fits well with my site theme .

Lastly, on the very top shelf are my trophies from cricket – a league winners trophy (2019), a league runners-up trophy (2018) and a fielder of the year trophy (2018). I only got into playing cricket when my eldest daughter joined our local Club and only then because the man in charge of the ladies team saw me practicing with her and said, “you can catch, can you make up the numbers on the ladies team?” and I’ve not looked back since. Getting a bit old for it now but I love the team spirit and a bit of exercise so does me good.

So that’s my office space. Want to show me yours? Write a post with some images to show me your office space and I’ll feature some of the best ones on my blog. Or email me an image, a brief caption and your Instagram handle and I’ll feature them on my Instagram feed. I look forward to being nosey and reading your top tips for organisation!

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2 thoughts on “My Office Space”

  1. Thanks for sharing your workspace, so tidy and welcoming with a nice cuppa, lovely! And well done with the cricket, yay!

    I mostly work at our dining room table. Maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage to share a photo with you, but at the moment the Christmas prep’s in full swing and it’s definitely not picture-perfect 🙂

    1. Hi Hayley! Thanks for commenting 🙂 Ha it’s not so tidy when I’m working at it but there’s always a cuppa!

      I used to work at the dining table but found the chair was getting to uncomfortable for my back so I managed to squeeze a desk and a proper office chair into the corner of the lounge. Much better – am more productive too, perhaps because I look at a wall now rather than staring round the room haha! x

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