New Stationery Day and Credit Where Credit’s Due

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Day 150: December 5, 2020

I had big plans for day 150 and I ended up doing none of them! In fact I did very little “work” wise at all!

I checked the scheduling of the posts as usual this morning and both had published on time so all was well there. I did however discover that I’d managed to post the journal post without a title, which was a bit silly of me. I therefore corrected that mistake! Always check your work kids – today’s #TopTip!

I did spend some time reading some more of [AFF] “Christmas Wishes” but I did no writing at all, which I am disappointed about as the weekend started off well and I’d written every day, even if some days it was only a little. I put the laptop on with the intention of writing in the middle of the afternoon but got distracted with a task for the day job the was quite important and I decided to get out of the way. I really should leave “real work” alone at the weekend but I like to keep on top of things.

So no writing was done, but on a positive I did buy myself a new notebook (a pretty purple floral one from Sainsbury’s)! Buying stationery is always a positive isn’t it? I realised as I was writing this week that occasionally I write things that I know I will mention again later in the book and I wanted a way to easily capture little points that I might forget. For example, I’ve just mentioned the Main Character’s Dad’s friend he goes to the pub quiz with. Will I remember the name I gave him if I need to mention him again? Possibly not. Just little details that I want to note down somewhere so I have a handy reference guide to the book as I go. Ideal opportunity for a new notebook purchase don’t you think?

I’ve been meaning to mention in December journal posts that my daughter made me a lovely Advent Calendar this year (I’ve not had one for years) and each day has an envelope to open. Each envelope contains a Roses chocolate and an inspirational quote. It was a total surprise to me to get the quotes (I knew there’d be chocolate) and it’s a lovely thing to read each one each day. I’ve been publishing the quote on my Instagram stories which has been brilliant as it’s given me daily content without the need to do much other than take a Christmassy image showing the quote! Top marks to my assistant there!

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