Newsletter Panic, Writing and Sketching Plans

Day 113: October 29, 2020

I had an early start at the laptop but didn’t get straight into writing. Instead I did some early morning work tasks and then had a look at my draft newsletter. I suddenly had it in my head that it was Thursday and therefore that the newsletter needed to be sent today. It was only after reading it through and editing it that I realised I send it the first Thursday of the month and that today is the last Thursday of the month so I have a whole week left before I need to send it. So, panic over. At least it’s ready, bar adding Monday’s blog post.

I did get my hundred words for the day written early on while it was quiet. I could well have written more then but went off on a tangent in my head trying to work out the interior layout of a building (for the book, not just randomly). I therefore got distracted drawing up a basic layout sketch and researching other layouts on the internet until I was happy with how the building would look in my head. I think that will definitely help at a later stage of the book. I’m glad to have got my 100 words done though.

I didn’t do a lot else today other than thinking about the story and the layout of the property etc. I did of course schedule tomorrow’s journal post and deal with graphics/social but no more writing today.

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