Not Going to Plan but Some Organisation

Day 205: January 29, 2021

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Another slow start to the day and things not going to plan. I had sat to read for a little while with my morning cuppa but was interrupted before I’d even opened the book. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back to that later on.

I organised myself to get a pin done this morning and the caption for my Instagram post. It’s always good if I remember to do those early in the morning so they can be used whenever during the day. Better than rushing them when they’re desperately needed anyway.

I actually got myself super organised and I’ve written the captions for both tomorrow’s and Sunday’s social media posts. That’s organised! I’m sure I won’t keep it up but it would be a lot better if I was more prepared rather than doing them on the spot.

After a reasonably productive afternoon, the evening wasn’t quite so well organised and I ended up doing no writing at all. To be honest, I’ve struggled today. I’ve felt low and miserable and cannot motivate myself to do anything at all. I did read some more of [AFF] “How to Disappear” but otherwise I’ve done nothing.

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