Not What I Planned to Do But …

Day 156: December 11, 2020

I finally had a better night’s sleep so feel a little bit more with it this morning – not a lot, but a little.

I totally forgot to check that my journal post had published until about 9:30 but fortunately it had published on time so all was well. I also snuck in a bit more reading of [AFF] “The Christmas Invitation” whilst eating breakfast and discovered a reference back to a book I’d read previously and had totally forgotten about. Not only had I forgotten about it (and it was such a good Christmas story) I hadn’t even realised it was by the same author. It’s so good to get references like that in books. I will be attempting to purchase it again as it must have been one of the books I had to give away as I no longer have it.

[AFF] Canva still appears to not be working this morning which is a pain in the proverbial. Fortunately today’s social media post isn’t reliant on a Canva graphic but I still need it for other jobs. Hopefully during the day it will come back to life! I did tweet about it yesterday and tagged them and they responded very quickly which is always good (though would of course be far handier if their product worked haha).

Bit of a weird one this morning but I’d gone to the Journal page on my site to write my caption for the Friday journal round up post and for the first time I realised that the titles on the blog posts were in the wrong font. How many times I’ve looked at that archive page I don’t know but today I suddenly realised the title font was wrong. How blind am I? Anyway, I got that changed straight away so now it all matches.

Of course I then had to check the other archive pages and I realised that the Planning posts were the same so I had to change those too. I also changed the layout of that page from 2 columns to 3 now that there are a lot more posts in the archive and set it show 2 posts per page rather than 8.

Typically, none of the archive pages were right so I had to change them all. How could I not have noticed that before? Wasn’t what I’d planned to do today but was good to get a big of website housekeeping work done out of the way as looking at the archive pages was a job on my to-do list to make sure the layout and content was all correct and in order.

Later …

Today ended up being a little quiet on the work front so I did some sneaky writing and even did a little reading at lunchtime. Was a truly “spoilt” Friday. For the first time on this journey I wrote over 2000 words in a day. Combined with all the other work I’ve put into the book this week, it means that only 3 days after breaking the 2000 word count, I’ve surpassed 25,000 words. I am over the moon with that!

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