Overthinking, Missed Schedules and Reading

Day 152: December 7, 2020

I had a bit of a sleepless night after being so productive yesterday, my head was still racing and I was overthinking or, when I was sleeping, having odd book based dreams.

I made sure the planning and journal post had published this morning on time but both had “missed schedule” which was annoying so had to manually publish those, so they were a few moments late. It annoys me when that happens and I don’t know why it does. I did some research into why it happens and possible solutions but decided that for now, I will leave as is as I usually check it at 8am or very soon thereafter and if it hasn’t published, I can do so manually.

I did create a pin for the Planning for 2021 posts which I have posted to Pinterest. It’s a bit annoying that I only have half the series to promote at the moment but it’s better to do something now I thought. I can always edit the pin or do another one later on.

Whilst doing the pin, I realised that the category archive pages on my site aren’t all that great so far as layout goes as the sidebar remains in place. That pushes the content too far over and makes it look squashed. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of that but after doing a bit of research I found a solution, tested it out and it works. The archive pages now look a lot better I think.

Finally, in the evening I was able to get some writing done and I bashed out over a thousand words. I am really pleased with that and how things are coming together. That takes me to over 18,000 words so the book is beginning to grow well.

I finished the day off with some quiet reading of [AFF] “The Christmas Invitation” which I am really enjoying. I wish I could just sit and read for hours on end!

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