Panic at a Plot Blockage

Day 216: February 9, 2021

I had a lazy start to the morning as it was so cold! I watched the end of the test match and read a chapter of [AFF] The Family Gift before settling at the laptop for work.

I checked this morning’s journal post had published (it had) and uploaded the last two days of journal posts and got those scheduled. I do like being properly on top of things and wish I’d done this all along.

I also ordered two books from, which I have had my eye on for ages. One is the second book of a trilogy (I read the first on Apple Books some time ago and loved it) and the other is a book I noted down in my recommendations but I failed to write down who recommended it to me. So that’s a fail. I am looking forward to getting those though. Determined to read some of the books that have been recommended on the #amreading social media posts I put up at least once a week.

I managed to get some writing done but realised I was slightly clueless about where the next chapter was going. I’d changed the story slightly as I’d gone along (without giving much away) and now that I’d changed it, I wasn’t sure of a backstory. I ended up doing some wide and varied research and a number of topics in an attempt to track down the answers. In the end I wrote in the manuscript “WHAT IS THEIR STORY?” And then a list of options and as I was doing that it finally came to me and I was able to sort out my plot.

I did have a minor panic that I had total writer’s block and that I wouldn’t have a clue how to get around the situation I’d written myself into. Then I discovered that miracles can happen and the story told itself in the end. I have now managed to write a paragraph that tells me briefly the story, so tomorrow I can concentrate on writing the story out in full and continuing with the chapter.

I therefore only wrote 375-ish words today but I did spend a lot of time on the book with research so I am not too disheartened that it looks like a small word count for today. I can live with that.

I’ve enjoyed reading some different research topics that I never expected to be delving into in relation to the story and it’s helped bring in some bits that I hadn’t originally thought of but add a different element to the book, so all in all I will take it. Even though I thought for a while that I was very stuck.

My day ended on a bit of a sour note so I took some time out away from the laptop and phone and read a bit of “The Family Gift” to unwind before going to bed. On the one hand I want to continue writing but on the other, I know I also need to rest and relax a little too.

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