Productive Start, Updated Legals and the Aligning of the Universe

Day Seventy One: September 17, 2020

I had a super early start to the day today as a man was coming to clean my oven – at 7:15am! I was therefore up, dressed and ready for the day at stupid o’clock. I must admit it did give me a very productive start to the day and I so need to get into the habit of doing that most days.

I updated the disclaimer that I’d drafted last night after thinking of a couple of additional points overnight and also realising that there were a couple of typos in it! I also added the short disclaimer to the top of the resources page so it’s very clear.

I prepared the posts and graphics both for Friday’s post but also Saturday too. Having an assistant has made me get things more organised and ready in advance so that she has time to do her jobs too. That will work well once we get some systems in place and I get ahead of myself.

The universe seems to be telling me that I really do need to plan my time better. It’s been in my mind all the way through the project so far but I still haven’t got myself into a routine. I had a great newsletter from Aliventures with an article in it called “What to Do When Your Writing Keeps Coming Last” which was just what I needed. I also saw an Instagram post about making dedicated time for writing which I read with interest and commented on. I also saw various comments on Facebook etc. and there’s this week’s challenge from Writers Huddle** so the universe is aligning! I think I will take some time over the weekend to make a better time management plan.

My assistant has also been telling me that I need some actual WIP (Work in Progress) or short stuff of my own to promote. So that’s something else I need to get on to (another pointer that I need to organise my time better).

**Since this post was published, Ali has now closed the Writers’ Huddle but does have a Facebook group for anyone who has ever bought products or coaching from her.

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