Productive Sunday (but No Writing)

Day 179: January 3, 2021

Sunday is now always website day and getting the week ahead organised so after another run/walk I got myself settled at my desk and working.

I managed to get all of the week’s journal posts scheduled first of all. I had to do some jiggling around of things this week as I missed out a few days where not much happened over Christmas. Therefore that job took slightly longer than usual. I also finalised the book review post for Wednesday and prepared the writing prompt post for next Saturday. Always a good feeling to have all of that done.

The next job was to get tomorrow’s planning post done. I really do need to be at least a week ahead of myself with these but I just haven’t got to being that organised yet. However, I was able to write the post without too much trouble and got the graphics done. I could then optimise and proofread and get it scheduled.

It is also newsletter week this coming week, so I drafted the newsletter which includes a fair bit of time spent messing around with images. They are all portrait on the website but need to be square for the format of the newsletter, so that require some fiddling around in Photoshop.

I also decided to change the header on my emails from a plain blue background, to the same image as the site homepage header. That wasn’t too difficult a job in [AFF] Canva and I could get that uploaded. I need to test the email before I can schedule it but I will leave that job until tomorrow’s planning post publishes so I can be sure that link works as it should.

My final job of the day was to change my after post blog subscription opt-in. The current after post opt-in is hosted on Optinmonster, which was fine but the account is not mine. Unfortunately, I am unable to continue to use this, which again is fine, but I need to have an alternative. The theme on my site doesn’t provide an after post widget so the opt-in needs to be handled in a different way. I am however able to use ConvertPro, so I got that set up this afternoon and copied the design. It needed a little bit of tweaking once I’d made it live but I am pleased with the outcome.

I haven’t done any writing today but I have started to read “Keep Her Close” by M J Ford. This is a thriller and I am looking forward to it as the synopsis sounds great. I’ll let you know how it goes as always.

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