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Day 199: January 23, 2021

I considered leaping (ok, rolling slowly) out of bed this morning and trying to get back onto the fitness journey with a run/walk but I put it off thinking I’d do it tomorrow instead. Saturday mornings can end up being a bit of a rush trying to make sure children are ready for when their dad picks them up, so taking time out for myself isn’t always the best choice. Instead, we actually had a lovely morning and everyone was ready when they were meant to be.

The day was the usual round of shopping, including shopping and delivery of said shopping to my parents. Turned up there to find Mum feeling under the weather again and having absolutely no energy. I therefore ended up spending more time there than I would normally do.

I had to nip back to shops slightly later on too as I’d forgotten a couple of essential bits and we had a little bit of a drive around just for a change of scenery. It snowed a bit too which was unexpected but made the countryside look rather lovely.

I didn’t do any writing (are you surprised?) but did do a little reading of [AFF] “A Question of Identity” as well as more shared Harry Potter reading with my youngest. I don’t often mention that as we do shared reading most nights and are currently almost halfway through Book 3. Considering how big a reader I am and how many books have been in the house as the children have grown up, none of my four are readers despite by encouragement. I’m therefore really pleased the littlest is enjoying reading Harry Potter together. We’ve a long, long way to go before we’ve read all seven books but then I’ll have to find something else we can read together to keep the momentum and enjoyment.

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