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Day 270: April 4, 2021

Although it’s Easter, we don’t really celebrate it and I still planned on getting all my usual bookish Sunday things done. I have to keep telling myself that this is the last Sunday I will have free to spend the whole day doing these tasks as I’ll be back to cricket taking over my Sundays from next week.

I started the day by finishing reading [AFF] The Secrets of Strangers, which I have really enjoyed. I am so glad that was on the book club reading list or else I might not have stumbled upon it. I then thought I’d have a shower and then start bookish work but my daughter suggested a long walk in the glorious sunshine, so I did that first instead. It was a good 4.5 mile walk but I think it did my headspace good to have some time out in the fresh air.

I did eventually get the blog post written for tomorrow’s planning post as well as the writing prompt for next Saturday. My assistant had been super organised with graphics for the week’s social media too, so I got a whole week’s worth of captions written, which takes pressure off the day to day. I also needed to finish off the monthly book review post that will go live on Wednesday but fortunately most of that was done, it was just a case of finalising it and previewing before scheduling.

Whilst on the laptop I had an email to say a book I’d been after was available on [AFF] Bookswap so I ended up buying that plus another one. Oops. Must stop buying books until I have read a few that I already have.

Photo Credit: Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash

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