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Day 173: December 28, 2020

I am so glad that I check the publication of posts as neither the planning post nor the journal had posted today and had “missed schedule”. Fortunately, I was at the laptop early and could manually publish them. I hope that isn’t the story of the week.

I seem to have ended up having quite a busy day despite it being a Bank Holiday Monday. We also had snow this morning so the things I needed to do out and about took longer as driving round was much slower. I am not a fan of the snow – it looks pretty but it’s too cold and dangerous for my liking. I did get a bit more of [AFF] “The Book of Two Ways” read, though I didn’t get as much quiet reading time as I would have liked.

I forgot that yesterday I also did some tweaks to the website – I changed the homepage header from a floral scene to a desk with books and a laptop as I thought it was more relevant to the content. I also reformatted a few sections just to make it more user friendly. I also noted that the blog archive titles and meta had the wrong colour text so I got all that changed so it looked more on brand.

I wrote up some book reviews today as I have read quite a lot over the Christmas period and needed to get those done before I forgot what I’d read. I also needed to do some of the behind the scenes optimisation work for the review post which I got done and out of the way.

Still no writing but it’s been a busy day and I have got other things done instead.

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